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 Pretty For You [Fanfiction - Racoona - PG-13]

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PostSubject: Pretty For You [Fanfiction - Racoona - PG-13]   Tue May 25, 2010 6:18 pm

I have decided to re-upload all my finished TyKa fanfiction here, even if it is on fanfiction.net just for kicks, because I want this forum to grow and flourish ^^ Of course all my fanfiction can also be found at my webpage http://www.fanfiction.net/u/828443/Racoona

Disclaimer: I do not own Beyblade, I never claimed so, I do not make any money from theese works, I never claimed so, I do however covet Tyson, Kai, and the other characters in Beyblade, but the characters and the Beyblade concept are not within my reach, I never claimed so.

Pretty For You

Tyson traced his protruding ribs with a bony finger. He was so pretty, he was thin and beautiful, when his beloved phoenix finally would return, he'd see. He'd see his thin waist and thin thighs. Yeah, Kai would see how pretty and thin he was. The bluenette smiled proudly as he twirled in front of the mirror, he was clad in his boxers only, showing every bone and every sinew, and he basked in his glory, his freedom.

'Now my beloved doesn't have to worry about the shame of having a blimp on the team' Tyson though proudly, slightly rubbing his hollowed stomach. He was marking an anniversary today, no food, none of that disgusting greasy and completely useless substance for three days, and best of all, no Gramps to force these slimy Pizza slices down his throat. Just the thought made him want to empty whatever was left in his stomach, no, he refused to eat. His beloved phoenix would never have to deal with the shame of having a fatso for a friend.

Several twirls later, more self appraisal, and thoughts of how Kai would finally see him, Tyson finally put on his clothes. The yellow t-shirt which had fit him perfectly now slung like a rag on his torso, and the pants which had hugged his arse a year before, making the curves there irresistible, was now loose fitting and held up by a tightly buckled belt. Tyson put on his gloves, they were getting a bit loose, the bluenette smile, he was getting there, he had control over the food, Kai would see, he would, the self made restraints and the self discipline, all for him. Oh, his beloved ice prince would be so proud.

Along with his new and improved report card, straight A's, he would be sure to sweep Kai of his feet, as he had wished to do since they met. He was smart, slender and completely beautiful. Gone were those muscles he'd built up through a life of training, they were too bulky. Tyson couldn't afford to look any fatter than he was. At 5,4 ft and 88 pounds he was not even near his goal, but he was determined, Kai would see, Kai would love him, Kai would be all his, and best of all, Kai would never ever leave him ever again.

"Tyson, come on!" A loud and almost overly cheerful voice interrupted his thoughts; it was Max, his best friend, and the one with the most disgusting habits ever. How could someone stand to eat such sweetness, Tyson shuddered at the memory of Max eating a whole chocolate bar, think of all the calories! The bluenette shook his head and grabbed his red and yellow jacket, running into his room, bony arms flailing as he put his jacket on, now, where was dragoon? There he was, on his usual spot, Tyson's oak bedside table.

He ran down to the main dojo area where the remaining Bladebreakers had set up a sturdy but portable beydish, lined with titanium, it was one of the best out there, courtesy of Mr. Dickinson. Tyson smiled, this was another day, another practice, more weight lost, more appeal to Kai. It was a joy to wake up now, he did it all for Kai, his beloved would never leave, never.

Training progressed as usual, or as usual had become, for Kenny spent more and more time scolding Tyson for lack of energy and enthusiasm. Rei and Max never said too much, they had only had eyes for each other since the beginning of March, six months ago. The bluenette straightened his shoulders; he would still be strong for his Kai and prove that he was best, that he was the truly best, the only lover that Kai could ever choose.

Letting his blade rip, clashing against Drigger and overpowering the cat as he had his thirst for food, he smiled, he relished his newfound power, the force to steer himself, detached for these silly physical needs. Drigger and Dragoon danced a dance of death, each of them holding their own, neither seemed to give, attack rings clashing, beasts growling, and best of all the rush of ultimate power. But soon their dance ended, Dragoon did as his master, overpowered his opponents, made Drigger see that no matter what he did, he wouldn't win, as Tyson had done with the food that had steered his life for so long. And when the proud dragon hovered above the motionless blade of the neko, Kenny finally clapped, Tyson did it once again.

Tyson would wait, he'd restrain himself and he would become thinner as months passed. The bluenette would wait, he would wait for his beloveds glorious return, for he was returning, wasn't he? Kai had to come back to him, had to see what he'd done to please, to make the phoenix see, truly see him, Tyson Kinomya.

It was maddening, the uncertainty, would his beloved truly come? Tyson knew not, but he had faith, as he always had, faith in his phoenix, faith in their love that would soon be unleashed.

He had given up his body, his spare time; his sanity couldn't hurt either, all for Kai. Tyson's once gorgeous being was now a mere carcass, a shadow, hardly that. Yet no one noticed, thank god, He was good about dressing himself, disguising his body so only Kai's eyes and hands could feast upon it.

Here he waited, on the spot where they'd met all those years ago, every sunset he'd sit there, waiting, hoping, and when the clock finally struck midnight, crying. Each and every night his royal blue eyes would fill with tears as he knew that this was not the time, his Kai was not here.

Months later, Tyson was nearing his goal.

"Great job Tyson! You must be coming out of that slump of yours!" Kenny said excitedly as he stored the videos from that mornings practice on Dizzi's hard drive. Max and Rei nodded, they had noticed a change in their friend, but couldn't quite put their fingers on it, not that they had any fingers, hands, or just body parts in general, to spare when they were in each others company.

Tyson accepted the praise with a tired smile, he'd been feeling so tired lately, so incredible tired and exhausted, which couldn't be, he ate a piece of dry toast yesterday, didn't he? The bluenette got up and excused him, he was so incredibly worn out, "bed" was the soul focus he had. But before he could walk another step, darkness drowned him and his conscious-less shell of a body hit the wooden floor in the dojo training room.

Panic, hurt and comfort…

Three friends sat in a cold, white and sterile feeling waiting room as nurses and doctors zipped passed in all directions possible. None said a word, their friend had been ill for a long time; did they even have the right to count themselves among Tyson's friends? Now that they had neglected him so sorely, let his self abuse go on? Minutes turned to hours, and soon, the hours were closing in on days. Tyson was still in his bed, Kenny and Max was still weeping, and Rei pinched his red, black and blue arm, littered with nail marks and claw scratches, every other minute just to make sure that he was still connected to this world. Gramps had arrived moments later, he had speeded from his poker weekend as fast as his old car could manage, and he was under the influence of too little sleep, all added to the great worry of his grandson, the light of his life. Tyson was the one he swore to protect, but since when did Tyson need protection from himself?

The trio had seen Tyson every so often, but not for long, his fragile mind and body needed rest now. The sight of him made the friends sick. Looking like death with a blue tint rimming his eyes, contrasting to his now sallow and pale skin, wasn't the worst, it was all the tubes, the needles, the blood. The once healthy, beautiful, strong body was now gone, a mere skeleton left.

No one asked when Tyson asked to be put by the window; no one asked when he stared out endlessly, no matter if someone was with him. The more he watched, the sadder he became. No one knew why.

"Kai!" Rei's shout was one of surprise as he saw the dual haired teen enter the lobby and then the waiting room. The sharp sound of Rei's voice startled both Max and Kenny from their light slumber, and Gramps finally gave his first reaction to the surrounding world after hours of stillness.

"Where is he?" The Russians sharp voice cut through the silence following the Rei's shout out, slicing it like butter.

"Where the hell were you? And for the record, how the hell did you know that Tyson was hospitalized?" As a result of stress, lack of food, and overall sadness Max jumped up in front of Kai and started to curse him blue with words from all over the world that would make even the most seasoned sailor blush, just like a virgin on her wedding night.

Kenny rose his shaking hand slowly, his gaze fixed on the brown floor, "I e-mailed him…" he mumbled, hardly audible, but Max still caught it.

"Why the fuck would you do that? We don't need Kai; we've managed for three years without that cold bastard, as if he cares anyway! He left us, Kenny, he left Tyson!" All the other people in the waiting room was glaring daggers at Max and Kai, the blond got it coming because of his desperate shouts, the Russian got it coming because he was a complete bastard after what the people heard.

Max opened his mouth to suck in another breath to start again, but all that came out was a choked sob, several of them following before tears started fall from his once bright blue eyes and rolled down his pale cheeks. Rei saw the change in his lover and got up just in time to catch his lover, who collapsed under the emotional strain of having your best friend in the hospital. Rei glared up at the Russian, he couldn't believe that Kai had the fucking nerve. But the Chinese also knew that Kai wouldn't relent until he'd gotten Tyson's room number.

"Room 345, now leave" He growled at the already retreating Russian. Kai almost sprinted down the halls, searching for his beloved. Oh god, how stupid was he, he could have stayed, tried to tell Tyson that he loved him. He could have been here for Tyson; he was such a coward, running back to Russia whenever things got though.

Both nurses and doctors tried to slow him down, and when Kai finally gathered his bearings, he asked where room 345 was, one of the nurses that had stopped him, a rather fat one, pointed him the direction, glaring at Kai with her small beady eyes for disturbing the peace. The young Russian nodded his thanks and walked rather quickly, to the room where his beloved lay.

When he finally reached the steel door leading to the surveillance rooms, he opened it cautiously so he wouldn't disturb Tyson. Kai was shocked at the sight that hit him when he let his eyes roam the room. White sterile walls, no pictures, no flowers allowed, and in the middle of it all, a frail figure, resembling his bright and vibrant Tyson, his beloved. All these tubes running from needles imbedded in sallow skin, to machines and monitors. A glance at the screens showed that his love had low vital signs.

"Tyson?" A mere whisper, but the figure on the bed still turned around. Tyson smiled, a true smile, one that hadn't graced his lips since the day Kai left. He tried to lift his arm and reach out to his beloved phoenix, but he was to weak, his arms wouldn't listen, tiredness consumed his body, but he refused to succumb to sleep that called, such a temptation to let go.

"Please, no… love!" A distressed cry erupted from Kai, he couldn't control it, his beloved was here, each and every bone in his body showing clearly trough the thin layers of skin. The suddenly emotional Russian ran over to the bed and grabbed Tyson's bony and cold left hand with both his. "Love, what have you done to yourself?" all thoughts of rejection had fled from Kai's mind, he didn't care if Tyson knew that he loved him, he wanted him to know. "Please tell me love, please, what have you done?"

With his last breath, the last words that would haunt Kai till the end of time, were spoken, right before the light went out of his blue eyes.

"See how I made myself pretty for you…"
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PostSubject: Re: Pretty For You [Fanfiction - Racoona - PG-13]   Thu May 27, 2010 5:44 am

I remember reading this a long time ago. It makes me so sad Sad Still, it's really good. I just... wish that all endings were happy XD
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PostSubject: Re: Pretty For You [Fanfiction - Racoona - PG-13]   Thu May 27, 2010 9:04 am

nighty wrote:
I remember reading this a long time ago. It makes me so sad Sad Still, it's really good. I just... wish that all endings were happy XD
Anoes.... but the two boys are so wonderful that they can go either way xD
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PostSubject: Re: Pretty For You [Fanfiction - Racoona - PG-13]   

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Pretty For You [Fanfiction - Racoona - PG-13]
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