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A Forum For The Relationship pairing between Tyson and Kai
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PostSubject: RULES!!!!! PLEASE READ   Wed Jun 10, 2009 2:58 am

I'm not a big one against what you can and can't do or say, Obviously there are certain rules you have to abide by;

1.This is first most a TysonxKai forum, spammers and haters are NOT Allowed, and if they try it, i will remove there accounts, Be warned, anything negative said against TysonxKai will too risk your account being deleted, Unless it's in reasonable context.

2.We ONLY support TysonxKai, while you can talk of other pairings, None involving other Characters with either Tyson or Kai will be tolerated.

3. Get along, Arguing amongst members will again NOT be tolerated, This forum is here so we can have fun enjoying the paring together, Not to act petty and argue.

4. When posting something remeber to add copyright, rules and regulations. Please ask for more details if this concern's you.

5.Have Fun!
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