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 Fanfiction (18) Good Enough COMPLETE

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Fanfiction (18) Good Enough COMPLETE Empty
PostSubject: Fanfiction (18) Good Enough COMPLETE   Fanfiction (18) Good Enough COMPLETE EmptyTue Jun 30, 2009 5:28 am

Good Enough

Chapter 01 – Sleep

Tyson rubbed his eyes as he woke early again, another sleepless night when the sun had not yet dawned, lately Tyson had been struggling to sleep, he hated the fact that he hadn’t been able to enjoy his favourite pastime these last few weeks, sleeping had become a pain.

He slowly leant up, gazing around to try and focus his eyes; he eventually made out the blurs beside him, Kenny and Rei, who were sleeping left to him, then at max who was sleeping right.

He focused his eyes once more, scanning the room for Kai, but he wasn’t there? Tyson shifted his quilt and crept out of his bed, shirtless, wearing nothing but a tight pair of boxers, he tiptoed out of the bedroom. “Where an earth is Kai, It’s only 2:30am” Tyson spoke to himself. As he finally cleared his eyelids of the crust that had built up overnight, he started to search for Kai.

As he finished searching the kitchen and the dojo, he heard something which sounded like groans, maybe of agony coming from the bathroom “Kai’s in pain?” he thought, Tyson rushed round down the corridor, his heart racing at the thought of Kai in danger, why did such thoughts scare him so? And his legs, they just weren’t carrying him there fast enough, and even though the short distance between the dojo and the bathroom was only about 15 footsteps, a thousand terrible scenarios of what may have happened to Kai shattered his brain. His breath became deeper as he finally reached the destination, only to be halted once more by the husky growling and moaning sounds coming from inside.

Tyson took a step back as he peered through the small gap in the door. His brown chestnut pupils widened, and his throat suddenly felt dry. “W-What is he doing” Tyson bit down on the side of his lip as the images he was now exposed to made his body heat up in the most unimaginable way.

Kai was sat on the bathroom floor. His legs sprawled wide open and his pants twisted down around his tender ankles, his hand, deliciously wrapped round his thick hard cock that was standing higher than Mount Everest. And his lips, gasping at each stroke he took, every stroke was sending Kai delirious. Tyson tried to move his eyes away, but for some reason he felt glued to this image, like a beautiful painting in an art gallery.

Mesmerized by it.

Pre-cum drizzled down his throbbing member, his hand still torturing his organ, almost sadistically, measured stokes caused him to pant, and then those jerky in-time movements just disappeared at the build he was feeling, as the feeling carried on he gasped the word


And he kept groaning it

“Tyson, Tyson”

He would say, over and over, louder and louder. Tyson was stunned, he had to do it, he had to take his eyes away, but it was already too late, his eyes were just widened further as Kai’s cock exploded all over himself. Eye’s fixated on the white sticky substance staining the older blader’s belly button and pecks. Kai slowly released his hand from his cock as his lips still chanted Tyson’s name.

Tyson quickly hurried away, finally taking his eyes away from Kai, he ran faster than he did to get to the bathroom, right back into the bedroom.

“Tyson, Tyson, I’m still not good enough” Kai stared down at his cum covered cock as he murmured stumbling up to his feet, still feeling a little light headed.

Tyson’s heart raced harder than ever as he crawled back under the covers, to his position of sleep “Why did he say my name and why was Kai doing…?” Images of what he had just witnessed re filled his head, and an extreme crimson blush, that he thankfully couldn’t see, had overcome his features. He buried his face as deeply in the pillows as he could, trying to shake over the feeling of adrenaline that had suddenly built up.

His ears perked as he heard Kai return to the bedroom, and climb back into his bed, if he was having trouble sleeping before, he defiantly wasn’t going to be able to fall back to sleep now, yeah he had been waking up 5 or 6 times in the recent previous nights, but he just fell back to sleep again afterwards, now he didn’t stand a chance. What he witnessed would wickedly torment him all night long, and now he had a problem, down his own underwear.

As Tyson laid awake in to the early morning hours, his mind couldn’t escape it, the person in whom he most idolized and loved was doing that to himself over him, it felt overwhelming, so much so that the feelings Tyson had developed for Kai over their previous bladeing days were spiralling out of control, and being re plunged from somewhere deep inside of him.

Tyson had once given up hope of a relationship with him and his captain, after that time when they went for a drink to celebrate their winning the 3rd world championship, and Tyson had asked Kai weather he wanted a relationship.

Kai’s response was something like, “Not really right now, but I’d like to get married and have kids one day” After hearing that, Tyson assumed Kai only liked women, he had no idea that Kai was also into men. But after seeing that, He suddenly felt different, this was great, this meant Tyson maybe had another shot at this, and this time, he would tell Kai.

Morning finally came, as did the bright sun that shone brightly in on Tyson’s sleepless face, he couldn’t fake it anymore, it was time to get up, even if everyone else was still asleep.

He made his way to the bathroom, he had needed to pee for a while, but he had already almost woken Kenny up when he returned to the bedroom earlier, so he bared it. And besides, if he did decide to go pee, there was a chance he would wake up Kai and he wasn’t ready to face him after that incident. Although, if he was truly honest he still didn’t want to face Kai now it was morning. But he knew he would have to some time.

As he reached the bathroom, he saw a blush on the person reflecting back at him in the mirror, he squinted quickly, but it wouldn’t go away. He sighed heavily and quickly plonked his bum on the toilet seat trying so hard to not look over to the place where Kai had done that.

Finally he was done, he wiped himself and washed his hands, eyes still closed as he left the bathroom. And lent back against the door, breathing deeply. He soon re opened his eyes. “Morning Tyson” Rei smiled as he walked towards him, Tyson’s attention turned aside “It’s strange to see you up so early dude?” Rei asked, knowing full well how much of a lazy bum Tyson was. “Yeah, well you know, thought it would do me some good to get up once in a while” Tyson knew he couldn’t tell Rei that it was because he couldn’t sleep, because he knew it would get back to Kai, and then Kai would be asking questions, No, no one could know what he saw, not even Kai. He had to lie.

Soon enough the rest of them had too joined Tyson, even Kai, it didn’t take long after he had woke, that every one else followed. Max and Rei stood in the kitchen, preparing breakfast for everyone, while Kenny, Kai and Tyson sat waiting at the breakfast table.

Tyson glanced at Kai who was sitting opposite, However Kai had decided to bring a book to the table this morning as a distraction, was he trying to avoid Tyson?

“Hey Kai” Tyson provoked, getting nothing but the silent treatment from him as he continued reading that damn book.

“Kai don’t you think it’s rude to read at the table? Tyson asked Kai lowered the book from his face “Who are you to say what’s polite and rude, you’re the loudest most disrespectful person I know” Kai’s glare grew colder. Tyson could fell himself blushing again “Just shut up” He shouted, He seemed slightly amazed that Tyson was getting all defensive, usually he would just get grouchy and argue out his point, not act shy and say shut-up. Kai too felt himself blush a little as he stared into Tyson’s eyes, he raised the book back over his face to hide his blush “Kai’s right you know Tyson, your not the politest of people” Kenny added as Tyson just sobbed “Oh and Mr. Sour Puss over there is, is he, My names Kai, I’m so fly, and I’m just going to ignore everyone, because I’m better than everyone” Kai groaned At Tyson’s stupidity “I’ll skip breakfast” He announced, moving away from the table and heading away from the kitchen.

Kai wasn’t really angry, Tyson’s goofy argumentative side was one of the things Kai found most charming in him, and it was making his blush heat below again. So he had to leave the table.

“What ever, more food for me” Tyson grumbled, perceiving the exact thing he was trying to hide, who was he fooling other than himself, everyone could see that worked up love in his eyes, they just didn’t say anything to him.

After they had finished eating, Max had suggested that maybe Tyson should go apologies to Kai, he wrapped up a bento and handed it to Tyson, “Go on Tyson, Apologies to him already” Max suggested, handing over the box. Rei too forced him to go say sorry.

“Kenny help me out here? Tyson asked, Kenny wasn’t getting him out of it this time “No, Tyson even if you don’t want to say sorry that’s fine, but Kai has to eat, he needs to keep his strength up for the team and skipping breakfast isn’t good” Tyson sighed “FINE” He snatched the bento box from Max’s hand and stormed of to the bedroom.

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Fanfiction (18) Good Enough COMPLETE Empty
PostSubject: Re: Fanfiction (18) Good Enough COMPLETE   Fanfiction (18) Good Enough COMPLETE EmptyTue Jun 30, 2009 5:34 am

Good Enough

Chapter 02 – I Can’t Say No To You

Tyson walked alone towards the bedroom, carrying Kai’s breakfast under his arm. He slowly turned the handle and opened the door “Kai, Look, I’m sorry. Here” He offered the food to Kai who was propped on his bed reading. Kai lowered his book once again to see Tyson facing him, He was losing his self control, and Tyson was driving him insane. He took a deep breath and took the bento from Tyson’s hands “Apologies not accepted” Kai eventually replied. Tyson’s angry mark re appeared “Kai, YOUR A JERK” Kai raised a brow “Tyson, you’re a waste of space, just leave me alone”

Tyson’s orb’s shone as Kai hurtfully carried on insulting him, how can this be, so does he really not like me after all?, Tyson thought, Pondering too much on Kai’s usual attitude. “Why are you like this Kai, you’re always so cold and bitter to everyone around you, you treat us like we don’t exist, do you not even care if you hurt your friends?

“Not Really” He replied, What Kai said, and what he felt were two completely different things, Kai always said the exact opposite to how he was really feeling, deep down inside of Kai, he knew he could never burden Tyson with his lustful forbidden feelings. Not someone like Tyson. He just didn’t feel Good Enough. . . for him.

Tyson sulked “Kai, I really hate you!” Tyson paced quickly towards Kai, raising his hand up high, before quickly colliding it with Kai’s cheek. “Ouch” Kai groaned, his gaze now angrily on Tyson as he staggered slightly out of the bedroom.

Kai found his groan turning into a smile, Tyson’s always like that, so caring about the people he loves, so pure of heart, hitting me like that, no one else, but him, would be so forward with me be so reckless, that’s another thing that I adore about him, Kai thought, grabbing his book from where it had fallen on the floor.

Tyson grabbed his shoes and without saying a word he disappeared out, he needed to be alone, get his head back in the game, his judgement of last nights events left him so sure that Kai must feel something for him, but after what had just happened, he was beginning to wonder if all that went on last night was just a dream.

Tyson found himself walking the path by the riverbank, the same riverbank where he had first laid eyes on Kai, when the golden red sunset shone on his features and illuminated his soul, at that moment, Tyson knew, what he has always known, that it was more than just pure friendship and rivalry burning inside his soul, Kai gave him something more, something special, Love.
He carefully sat down on the sandy ground, at the bottom of the bank, his eyes stared into the glistening water that barely even rippled in the clear breeze that softy brushed against his tan skin, he felt so peaceful in this place, like he could just dose and forget about whatever it was that was on his mind. It cleared his thoughts somehow, maybe it was because it was the place where he and Kai had first met, who knew, but it worked wonders for him.

He began to yawn slightly, his eyes felt lazy and his body so relaxed, sleep was drawing him, before he even knew it he had been taken, into a deep sleep.

Tyson soon opened his eye’s only to see he had been sleeping long enough that it had become dark. He quickly sat up “How long did I fall asleep for?” He thought, gazing up into the night sky that was full of bright stars. “I guess it only makes sense since I haven’t been sleeping properly” The silver moon made Tyson’s midnight blue hair shine immensely under it.

“Tyson” a deep voice husked, Tyson’s attention was drawn sideways “Kai, what are you doing here?” he asked, eyes now focused on the slate haired man who was looking down on him “You’re grandpa and the others were worried sick about you, everyone is out searching for you and you just disappeared without saying anything” Tyson groaned “Sorry” Kai knelt down next to Tyson, “Even I worried Tyson, that something had happened” Tyson’s eye’s widened and his heart raced. “Kai I...” Tyson’s eyes were now perfectly in line with Kai’s “I needed some air” Tyson spoke, still staring into the eyes of the slate-haired man.

Kai could feel himself losing control again. That’s it I can’t take it anymore, it’s driving me crazy…

Kai pulled Tyson’s collar nearer, plunging his lips deeply into Tyson’s, Tyson couldn’t bring himself to close his eyes. Kai was…kissing him….Tyson pressed his pink tender lips slowly back into Kai’s, for the first time feeling the warmth of Kai’s own taste mixing with his own, and his taste was sweet. In that moment millions of thoughts were intruding Tyson’s head, he didn’t know what to think, but he was happy. Tears began to stream from Tyson’s eyelids. He had wanted this for so long. But that moment didn’t last quite as long as he wanted, if he had his way, he would have made it last forever.

Kai quickly pulled away from the kiss, clenching his fist with the sandy ground, he quickly stood up and began to walk forwards suddenly pretending that kiss had never happened “I’m going back, you should go too, everyone’s worried about you” He announced striding ahead. Tyson’s tears came quicker now as his legs felt frozen, he couldn’t move. He felt paralysed. “What, just happened? Tyson thought, watching Kai walk further and further away into the dark distance.

Tyson’s legs began to ease slightly as Kai faded. Tyson was finally able to stand up. His body still a little shaken. “Kai was? His lips, they were on my lips? Tyson trailed his finger along the bottom of his lip, Kai in mind as he dragged his finger sideways across his entire bottom lip.

“Tyson is fine” Kai announced, walking back to the house alone. Everyone looked round at him confused “where is he?” Max asked, noticing the slight blush that was glowing from Kai’s cheek. “Kai? Did something happen?

“Hey guys!!!!” Tyson chirped, breathing heavily, he had run to catch up. Kai glanced round at him before quickly making his escape Tyson blushed slightly at the small glance that flickered in an instance as Kai walked into the bedroom. “I’m so glad you’re okay Tyson, don’t disappear on us again okay” Chief said, smiling in that same geeky way he always did.

“Yo small dude, it’s not cool to be leaving your crib and have your homeboys worried about you” Grandpa Granger said. “He’ right you know” Rei added. Tyson just laughed “Look guys, I am really sorry” Tyson smiled reassuring them he was okay.

“But why did Kai storm off so suddenly?” Rei asked as Tyson snarled “Mr. Sour puss doesn’t like to show he’s worried is all” Tyson replied, trying to cover up that anything had happened.

“Well I think you should go and apologies for making him worry” Max suggested “Ah not again” Tyson sulked, slopping him walk to the bedroom once more “Okay guys be back in a bit”

“Max, why do you always do that, force Tyson to go see Kai after something has happened? Rei asked, max just smiled “Don’t you see, something went on between those two tonight, the way Tyson was so flustered, and how Kai rushed in separate from Tyson” Max squinted “something defiantly went on, I know it” Reis amber orbs widened slightly “Max you don’t mean? Max smiled.

“Come on Rei, it was obvious, it’s always been obvious, Tyson has it bad for Kai, and I think Kai has it bad for Tyson too. Kenny began to feel awkward to where this conversation was headed “I’m just going to go set up dizzy in the kitchen okay” He mumbled, but Max and Rei were so deep in conversation that they didn’t even notice that Kenny has said anything, so he just left.

“Kai” Tyson asked as he entered the room, quietly, being sure not to slam the door behind him. Kai was buried under the quilt, with his head phones on. “Tyson raised an eyebrow, “Jerk, he probably can’t even hear me” Tyson sighed walking round the front of Kai’s bed. He lifted the headphones away from his ears “Kai” Kai opened his eyes, that small blush returning as he quickly sat up “Tyson? He asked. Tyson and Kai’s body language felt awkward, neither one of them could look the other in the eye.

“Kai I..” Tyson’s words cut short by Kai’s “Go away” He stated. Pushing Tyson away once more. “But Kai I..”

“I said get lost, what don’t you get? Kai shouted his voice sounding more forceful than before. Tyson pressed his teeth together hard as he groaned, clinging to his pants as he trembled. “Kai, why are you doing this why did you kiss me, what’s going on? Kais heart raced, he felt repelled to say anything, he kept telling himself over and over, that he wasn’t good enough for Tyson, how could he be, Tyson was everything, he had become Kais’ entire world, he was the sun that brightly shone life in his dark dreary place, Kai knew he could never be something that Tyson could be proud of, that was why. His lust over rode him earlier, but he wasn’t going to let it happen again.

“Kai, why won’t you answer me? Tyson’s eyes started to swell, he voice chocked and his pupils stung.

“BECAUSE I HATE YOU!” He screamed

Tyson crashed up to his feet, feeling like he was going to vomit he ran to the bathroom and slammed the door “Why, If he hates me then why did he….” Tyson stared at himself in the mirror. “Kai, all I ever wanted was for you to be my friend… so why?

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Fanfiction (18) Good Enough COMPLETE Empty
PostSubject: Re: Fanfiction (18) Good Enough COMPLETE   Fanfiction (18) Good Enough COMPLETE EmptyTue Jun 30, 2009 5:38 am

Good Enough

Chapter 03 –You Torture Me So Sweetly

Kai held his pillow, trying to wipe away his own tears. Why did I have to say HATE. Tyson probably hates me now, how ironic. I always do this, treat him like this, and then regret it afterwards. Kai held his pillow tighter as his thoughts tortured him.

Tyson wiped the tears away from his flustered face, “I’m okay” He whispered to himself. As he let himself back out from the bathroom. He re joined the others, who were in the lounge watching some horror flick. All but Kenny of course, how was more interested in his laptop.

“So what’s this you’re watching? Tyson asked, being shh’d as Kenny whispered in reply “It’s some horror movie called sleepy hollow, headless horseman or something? Tyson giggled a little trying to wipe of that he had been crying, but how could he really find anything funny, with everything that was going on inside his head right now?

“So is Kai joining us? Max asked, striking Rei’s attention so he turned on Tyson as he remembered the conversation he and Max had earlier that day. Tyson’s features drooped; it was obvious he was completely falling apart. Max shuffled his hand through Tyson’s hair “I know that whatever it is that’s on you mind, that you’re strong enough to pull through this Tyson, You’re the light that fire’s up all of our souls, when we blade, you’re the one we all want to beat, and we never do, go show Kai he can’t beat you! Max smiled as he tried to reassure Tyson, it was hard watching one of his best friends fall to tears “Thanks max” Tyson got up from his seat and returned towards the bedroom.

He didn’t even bother knocking; he just let himself straight in, He blushed terribly at the sight of Kai’s figure; he even looked good from the back. “Kai, Please, I don’t care what’s happened between us, I don’t even care if you don’t want to be friends with me, As long as you don’t Hate me, I can live with that” Tyson’s heart fluttered, as he waited for a response, as usual it was taking a while. Talking to Kai was as bad as talking to a dead ferret. Not that ferrets could talk, even when they were alive, which was kind off Tyson’s point.

Kai lent up from his bed, his blue-grey chunks of hair swaying over him as walked over towards where Tyson was, Tyson trembled more and more at every step closer Kai came to him, until Kai was only a few inches away, His heart was going to explode if he came into contact. But that was already to late, Tyson could feel Kai’s clothes pressed on his own.

Kai raised his arm up over Tyson’s shoulder to slam the door, but his arm remained, Tyson looked sideways at Kai’s arm, then the other way to see both of Kai’s arms either side. Kai grinned as he showered the younger one. It was obvious now; Tyson knew it had to be obvious to Kai how much he loved him, the red on his face was giving it away completely. Tyson felt his cheeks burning red.

Kai forced his eyelids together as he moved closer, so his breath blowing over Tyson’s earlobes as he whispered into his thoughts. “Do you even realize what you do to me Tyson? Kai asked seductively Tyson trembled, unable to say anything in response “You Torture me, Tyson” Kai moved his leg up against Tyson’s hardened area “When I look at you, when I talk with you, even when I argue with you, I feel I’m losing myself somehow? Kai trailed a line of kisses down Tyson’s neck as his eyes began to water more, but this time, with tears of happiness “Kai” He whispered. As he felt Kais hot breath on him, that left him to shudder in the pleasure. Kai forced Tyson down to the floor, his body crashing into Tyson’s as he fell down. “Ouch” Tyson moaned, rubbing his side that had just collided with the wooden floor. “Kai that hurt” But before Tyson could even witness a response his mouth was being filled with Kai’s tender tongue. Tyson’s package began to swell as Kai’s kiss became more intense.

“Do what you want” Tyson whispered as he pulled out from the kiss, with one arm raised over one side of his face.

Kai’s eyes widened slightly as he grinned. Kai undid Tyson’s pants and pushed his hand down into his under garments, his hand sliding over Tyson’s throbbing penis, the organ pulsating in his hand. Kai’s own heart raced as he caressed the person he had been dreaming of every night for the last... god knows how long. How long had Kai loved him for?

Too long.

“Ahh” Tyson groaned slightly, biting down on the side of his lip, he felt his cock buzzing as Kai rubbed him in motion, measured stokes teased him sweetly. Kai trailed his tongue lower and lower until his lips were touching the end of Tyson’s penis; he pressed his wet lips against the tip, nuzzling on it slightly.

Tyson stared down at Kai as he took his full length deeply into his throat, Tyson gasped as he felt the hot air cusped him, and the saliva drizzle down his sensitive organ. He arched himself slightly as Kai sucked him a little harder “K-Kai..I” Tyson groaned as Kai remained to pump his lips up and down over Tyson’s averaged sized cock, it tasted so sweet. Kai could feel the organ swelling in his throat.

“Ngg” Tyson bit even harder on his lip this time, until it bled, but the pain was worth the pleasure. He too had dreamt of this moment since they had met, and it drove him almost as crazy as it drove Kai. He felt as though his cock was soon going to explode, Kai was driving him delirious, and what was worse was, he was enjoying every moment if it.
Tyson felt his heart race faster and faster at every suck, It felt so good. Kai fondled his scrotum a little as he teased the younger ones length into submission.

“W-What’s happening, I feel, I’m…” Tyson’s words stumbled as his penis began to buzz, something was rising he could feel himself getting closer and closer to that release he had taught himself so well, but Kai was so much better at it. Kai’s eyes shone as he witnessed the younger one’s pre cum drizzle down the length.

“Just a little bit more and I …” Tyson moaned louder this time, it was coming. Kai lent inwards on Tyson and whispered deeply in his ear “cum for me Tyson” Tyson shivered as the breath brushed against his ear, all body hair stood on end as Tyson felt his eye’s close Tighter than ever.

“I’m going to cum” Tyson shouted, his white sticky substance exploded all over his shirt and Kai’s clothes and face. “Ahgg” he moaned, the white liquid drizzled down Kai’s cheek and over is lip, he licked his lips and enjoyed the sweet taste. Tyson’s shirt was now stained, although it was more obvious on Kai’s clothes than Tyson’s, white on black and purple didn’t mesh so well.

Kai collapsed his body on top of Tyson’s; he wrapped his arm’s around his head, it felt nice to hold him so close….

Tyson was soon in sleep land, all that exercise had worn him out, even if he was the one laying there and receiving it, it still left him feeling breathless.

As evening drew closer Kai found himself waking. He rubbed his eyes slightly and stared down at Tyson who was still sleeping soundly, he brushed his palm against Tyson’s cheek, and it felt so soft.

“What have I done to you” He thought, his head resting on his arm. “I, You didn’t deserve this Tyson, your so much better than this” Kai thought once more, standing to his feet. Kai grabbed his scarf that he had previously taken off, and re wrapped it round his neck.

Kai glimpsed at Tyson’s bangs, then to his hand that was resting under them, his thoughts returned to him once more, he remembered how he promised himself he wouldn’t do this again, his grasp his own hair between his fingers as he spoke “Tyson, We can’t be together, I don’t even have the right to touch you.

He picked up a lose piece of paper from a note pad on the bedside table, and a pen he had in his pocket. And put the pen onto the paper and wrote. He walked over to Tyson and placed the note beside his head as he whispered “I’m sorry”.

He quietly walked towards the door, and left the house without the other’s noticing, they were all to stuck into there horror flick to even realize what had just gone on in the other room.

A few hours quickly passed, the temperature of the room didn’t feel so hot anymore, and Tyson felt himself groan slightly as he lent up, he rubbed his eye’s a little, noticing Kai wasn’t there, he panicked, his eyes quickly skimmed round at the room but he saw nothing, Kai was nowhere, he lent his hand’s back and gazed down at the floor.

“Hmm” Tyson thought, seeing the white piece of note paper Kai had left him. “What’s this? He picked up the paper and unfolded it, His eye’s widened.

It Read


I’m not good enough
And I never will be. . .


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Fanfiction (18) Good Enough COMPLETE Empty
PostSubject: Re: Fanfiction (18) Good Enough COMPLETE   Fanfiction (18) Good Enough COMPLETE EmptyTue Jun 30, 2009 5:42 am

Good Enough

Chapter 04 – I Don’t Feel Good Enough

As Tyson glanced over and over at those words Kai had so boldly written, he couldn’t help but wonder what Kai must have been thinking. “Not good enough? How? Why? Tyson lowered his head as his vision became blurry at thought.

“What is Kai thinking? Tyson worried.

“How long ago did Kai even write this?” he worried.

“I’ve got to find him” Tyson hurried over to the draw, when he realized, all Kai’s clothes weren’t their, “No, He wouldn’t have” Tyson grasped his hands against his own jacket tightly.

That was it, he had gone back to Russia, Tyson just knew it. Tyson felt his heart break in two, he thumped his hand against the draw heavily “WHY, Why does he always do this” he carried on thumping the wooden draw, his hands were becoming bruised at each angered whack “He always runs away, from everything” Tyson’s tears streamed more as he couldn’t stop himself of thinking about the moments before Kai left, he even thought back to the moment when Kai had kissed him. He felt so lost.

“What was that noise” Rei announced hearing loud noises coming from the bedroom. Kenny blushed slightly “I Hate to think what they’re up too in there” Rei giggled. “Hey, I’m going to go see if Tyson’s okay” Max added, heading towards the bedroom.

Max lightly knocked on the door “Tyson, Hey Tyson, you okay man” Max received no answer. He waited a few seconds, but still nothing.

“I wonder what happened. Max worried. I’m sure his fine, Max knew he had to stop worrying so much, but it was just the sort of person he was. He smiled to himself.

Just as he was about to walk away, he heard the door creak, he’s attention snapped, and he turned towards the door.

“Tyson” Max shouted alarmed at the fact that Tyson was crawling on the floor crying. Max ran towards him and grabbed him by the shoulders “Hey Tyson, you okay? He softly asked.

“Max, he left me” Max’s eyebrows indented in confusion “Who did? Kai? Tyson nodded, tears trickling down his rounded cheeks.

“Why, How? Max asked in total confusion, “Tyson, what happened? Max asked once more. Tyson handed him the note. He couldn’t bring himself to tell max about what had just went on, after all he didn‘t need to, that note was enough. It didn't require words.

Tyson was in to much shock to speak, Kai doing that to him, and then leaving so suddenly. And then there was that note, I’m Not Good Enough, I Never Will Be. What did that mean? Tyson felt like he was the one being tortured. And he said I torture him? He hated feeling so lonely and confused.

Tyson groaned “I think Kai’s gone back, gone back to Russia,” Max’s eyes widened at that statement. Max read the note, and then he laughed slightly. Was he the only one who wasn't blind?

“It’s not funny” Tyson shouted. “If Kai doesn’t come back, we’re screwed for the years tournament” Max smiled “Tyson, surly that’s not all your worried and upset about?

A seriously depressed look spread throughout Tyson’s features, he couldn’t brush off just how miserable this was making him feel, he had never felt like this about anyone before, so screwed up over a kiss, and Kai using him a little for his own needs. Tyson didn’t really know what to think, he felt a mixture of feelings he was happy that Kai did those things to him, but at the same time it made him feel awkward and upset.

Max smiled once more “Tyson, get dressed and go after him right now!” Max announced, surprising him a little Tyson trembled as he spoke, stuttering his words slightly. “I...I Can’t” Max raised both his hand on his pals shoulders and took a deep breather.

“Tyson, Kai is in LOVE with YOU, and I know that you too are in love with him”
Tyson eyes stung as they opened as far as they possibly could. “What?
Max grinned. “Are you really that blind? Tyson, it’s not you that Kai see’s as the problem? It's himself. Tyson felt his heart race as Max spoke. “You think Kai loves me?

“Tyson, You and Kai, were meant for one another, if you’re the sun Kai is the moon, if you’re the sea he’s the shore. When you battle together with Kai, we can all feel it, the intensity that shines through the entire stadium, its love. It doesn’t take a genius to see.

Tyson’s eyes streamed once more, all this crying was making his eyes very sore.

“Go talk to Kai, go find him, follow him to the ends of the earth Tyson, if you love him the way I know you do, then tell him, do everything in your power to make hear you, you got that” He smiled Tyson nodded “Oh, and one more thing Tyson, stop hiding it, we all knew you had it bad for him for ages, I’ll give you till tomorrow evening to get Kai back here okay” Tyson agreed.
Max walked along side him into the room, and helped him pack some things. “Don’t forget this” Max announced throwing him his all year round travel ticket, a plane ticket that was specially designed for the blade breakers allowing them to travel from country to country whenever they felt like it, without having to go though booking ect: it made it easier on them when touring, and less stressful for Mr.D.

Max saw Tyson to the local train station; he had to get a train to the airport. As they stood on the platform, Tyson smiled at his friend and thanked him “Hey Max, thanks, for this” Max laughed “That’s okay, Make sure you bring Kai back though, or the chief will have our necks, but don’t worry, I will cover for you and Kai till tomorrow night Kay? Tyson grinned “You’re the best maxie” Tyson felt a little more relieved that he could go to Russia to sort this out, he had wanted to tell Kai for so long how much he had loved him, and this would be his best chance, he was also desperate to know what was going on inside Kai’s head, he couldn’t get there soon enough.

As Tyson journeyed on the train, he found his imagination taking him some place far away, where everything was so peaceful; he was sitting soundly on a field of pure white daisies, Kai was sitting beside him, and dranzer and dragoon were there two, The wind was blowing softly, and no matter how fast time seemed to pass, each moment in his daydream was everlasting, because of who he was with. He felt so complete when Kai was around, and this feeling of Kai being apart from him, it had reminded him just how attached he had become to the older blader.

He soon reached the airport, it was much more daunting travelling on his own, he never realized just how much he relied on the others for direction and guidance. It was official, he was lost. He scanned the enormous hall for the plane time table, till finally he saw it. He gazed up at the flight board, looking for the next planes to Russia, the orange text blurred his eyes a little, he carried on looking sideways, but there weren’t any there, he panicked “Does that mean, I missed him” He’s knees became weak. “No, Kai” He whispered under his breath.

He sighed turning round to hear a familiar voice calling his name, his eye’s opened as he gazed up, focused on the taller figure in front of him.

“Tyson, what are you doing here? The voice husked.

“Kai” Tyson cheered “Kai, I…” He paused slightly as he searched for a place to start. But where, he had so much he wanted to say.

“We need to talk? Tyson asked, feeling extremely glad that he had reached the airport in time. Kai stood silenced before finding the words he needed to say.

“I’m going back to Russia Tyson, I’ve made up my mind, and I’m also giving up beybladeing.

“What, why? Beyblading is you life” Tyson clenched his fists as his voice became huskier “what is it with you, why give up on something you love so much, I don’t understand?

“Because it’s not fair for me to love someone like you” he struggled, finding it hard to speak the words he knew he didn’t deserve to say.

Tyson had actually been referring to the beybladeing at that moment, not their own current state. But still, was Kai really going to give up the sport he loved, just because things had got awkward between him and a team mate.

“So, it’s true, you love me too? Tyson’s poor mind must have felt bruised from how much he had been using it. It hurt to think, he’d spent to much time crying, and although he didn’t think that he had anymore tears inside him, his eyes once more began to stream.

“No, I don’t” Kai quickly responded. “I don’t want to talk about this anymore, I’ve just realized that I don’t belong here” Kai couldn’t look Tyson in the eyes, he felt disgusting, Tyson was everything, he was this beautiful hyper happy soul, that lifted everyone and everything from his mere presence, Kai knew that he would destroy that in him, he didn’t feel he deserved to be with someone that amazing. Every time he saw himself, he saw all the bad things that had happened, It made him feel sick, he physically didn’t feel he should be allowed In Tyson’s presence. Tyson was an angel; But Kai knew he wouldn’t be able to spread his wings if this feeling of his went any further. He couldn’t suffocate the angel.

“Then, why did you kiss me, do THAT to me, and bladeing you quitting because of me?

“I was desperate,” Kai sneered, prying his head to the side. Tyson saw straight through him, it was obvious when Kai was just saying the complete opposite of how he felt.

“Stop lying to me!” Tyson shouted, a small pause of silence fell between the two of them. Kai grabbed his suitcase from the chair.

“Don’t walk away, you always walk away, stop it” Tyson shouted halting Kai as he was about to leave.

“Kai, I Love You” Tyson shouted, loud as he could at the top of his lungs. His arms spread out as he announced out loud how Kai made him feel.

“You keep saying all this stuff about how your not good enough for me, but what you don’t understand is that you are, your everything, you’re my starlight Kai, in your own way” Tyson smiled, as Kai came closer

“Tyson i…” Kais words were cut short by Tyson’s

“I don’t know what’s going on in that head of yours Kai, But you have to know, I love who YOU are, every single part, the good and the bad, I love it all, because its all a part of you, and I don’t care who knows it anymore, ill shout it out to the entire world if I have to, nothings perfect, the world wasn’t made that way, I don’t care if you think your not good enough, just don’t leave me, we need you, I need you, I wont watch you walk away, knowing I hadn’t told you how I feel. Kai stay with me, you are good enough, your more than good enough, if anything, I should be the one saying I don’t deserve you” Tyson felt breathless, after pouring out his soul, but he was happy, He didn’t want Kai to leave not knowing how much Tyson loved him.

Kai paced quickly towards Tyson and pulled him tightly into his arms, he could feel Tyson’s heart pounding on his own, and it felt incredible.

“So you’re okay for me like to be like this? Tyson smiled, Kai, I thought you knew me better than that. “I wouldn’t have you any other way” He reassured.

At that moment, as they embrace each other tightly in the airport, Kai felt his entire world smash, and a new one open up, he had been so blind, the person he had loved for so long, was right there waiting for him, and all he had to do was find courage.

“Tyson, I Love you too” Kai blushed a little as Tyson giggled, one and other staring deeply into the others eyes, there lips touched, but this time, they were never to be parted.

Kai should have known all along, he was good enough, Because of Tyson.

The End

(Would just like to say, i did write a One Shot sequel to this, If your interested then i might consider posting it, though it isn't that great, these were written a while ago, then again i still can't write very well lol...)

Song 'Good Enough' Used In Chapter Titles Belongs To Evanescence. I DONT OWN ANYTHING.
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Still luff it! <3
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such a lovely fic....i love it how u portrayed kai's insecurity over his feelings for tyson..... plz do post ur sequel also and do write more....*hugs u*
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PostSubject: Re: Fanfiction (18) Good Enough COMPLETE   Fanfiction (18) Good Enough COMPLETE EmptyWed Mar 24, 2010 3:35 pm

(This is the ONE SHOT sequel to my story ‘Good Enough')


It had been an entire year since that moment in the airport when Tyson had confessed his feelings for Kai. And fan girls had been taking photographs of the incident. . .

The both of them had finally come out, well Tyson had, Kai just didn’t say anything as Tyson did all the talking while he just lent against the wall looking cool, No change there, But everyone already knew it anyway, probably even before they did themselves. It Was hard for them to hide how gay they were for each other.

Kai had recently moved over to Japan, he now had his own apartment a few blocks away, which was handy, because he didn’t feel as though he was sponging of Tyson and his family, like he had previously felt before hand.

“So are you and Kai officially calling yourselves a couple now? Max asked in glee, seeing the flush that reddened Tyson’s face when the name Kai was mentioned made max squee, he loved seeing one of his best friends so happy. And on came the blush “Max, please, were just… going with the flow, ya know? Tyson jokily said. Max moved closer and whispered in Tyson’s ear “But you do like it when Kai talks dirty to you, right? Tyson found himself turning redder than a strawberry as thoughts of Kai talking dirty made him flustered. “SHUT UP…..” Tyson shouted, hopping quickly up as he felt himself harden down below. He rushed to his bedroom and slammed the door.

He flunked into the duvet front down, his organ pressing against the bed from his all his weight; he flinched as the straining down below eased slightly, but not all that much.

“Go Away” Tyson shouted as he heard the door open. Right now, if max carried on teasing him, he knew he would surly go insane, He and Kai hadn’t been intimate in a while, and he was getting sexually frustrated. Tyson felt he couldn’t ask Kai for it though; he seemed very distracted every time Tyson had seen him in the past month and to be honest it was beginning to worry him, Not to mention, he didn‘t have the nerve to just ask, He was more confidant in just going up to him and commanding it, Ask, He laughed at that.

“That’s a nice way to greet your partner” a deep voice husked, causing Tyson’s attention to direct to the man standing in the doorway “Kai” He startled, unable to stop himself from smiling and staring at the man he loved. Kai lent against the door frame, arms crossed with a slight grin shinning from the corner of his lip, he stared darkly at the pony tailed teen. Tyson looked so good in that tight red T-shirt that hung sleekly against his sexy little body, every muscle and curve desirously on show for Kai to enjoy. Kai walked in and closed the door. Tyson lent up from his duvet so he was facing Kai properly. “Kai, you look so calm today” Tyson smiled.

Kai raised his left eyebrow “Do I? He asked strangely wondering what exactly was meant by the statement.

“It’s just, lately, you’ve seemed very distance, like your mind has been elsewhere, but today, you seem a little more relaxed?

Kai sniggered “Wow Tyson, I’m impressed, you can tell all that just by looking at me? Kai asked. “I wonder if you can tell what I’m thinking?

Tyson was silenced, No, he didn’t have a clue what may have been going through Kai’s mind. If he had, maybe he could have been of more use to him lately.

Kai giggled, “Wanna know what I’m thinking? Kai asked like a luring vampire, As he walked the midnight-blue haired teen backwards against the bedroom window, slapping his hands either side of his head against the pale wall.

Tyson narrowed his eye’s, all the blood in his body rushed back down below, just like it had when max had been teasing him, only it was ten thousand times worse.

Tyson licked his lip “So Kai, are you gonna show me what it is your thinking” Tyson purred, lifting his hand up to Kai’s jaw line. Kai felt his heart flutter a little as Tyson grasped his chin. He quickly shoved off Tyson’s hand, slowly running his fingers up Tyson tight tee, the warmth radiating off Tyson small body and onto his cold hands reminded him of why he was so drawn to Tyson.

Everything they did complimented each other, they were so opposite, yet exactly the same. All that and more rolled into one built up this powerful force, that Kai had known from the beginning, even at those times, when he didn’t feel good enough. A lot had changed since then. Any evidence of Kai having a sensitive side had soon disappeared since he began dating Tyson, he turned back into the person Tyson always saw him as, Obnoxious, cold and damn right dirty in bed.

Tyson laughed a little as Kai’s hands tickled him the further they travelled up his chest, smooth curves brushing against those large cold hands.

“Hey Kai, wanna know a secret” Tyson asked, His eyes focused deeply in at Kai’s at all time. Kai lent in so his ear was in place to Tyson’s mouth. “Oh yeah, what might that be? Kai asked in curiosity? His body now in very close contact with Tyson’s. As Tyson lent closer to answer him, there body’s collided, still shirted, but in contact none the less.

Tyson gasped, smiling as he spoke “I saw you” He laughed a little more, just confusing the hell out of Kai. “You saw me? Kai asked in such a way that was edging him to carry on. “That day in the toilet, when I first felt my fantasies come alive” Tyson continued. Kai was still a little confused “Err, Tyson you’ll have to speak English, I don’t understand stupid?

“I saw you ages ago, in the bathroom, on the floor, with your pants down around your ankles, and your hand stroking your, well, ya know.

Kai turned his head away from Tyson for a moment and stared at the floor, it was times like this he liked the fact that his hair covered half his face, he was blushing brighter than a tomato, and he’s features weren’t hiding the red very well at all.

Tyson’s eye widened “Kai are you embarrassed? Tyson asked, looking down at Kai’s face.

Tyson Laughed “You are? haha” Tyson continued to tease him.

“I made Kai blush, I made Kai blush” He sung aloud, forcing that piercing red in Kai’s eyes only to darken as he brought his face back up.

“It seems even the cold hearted type get embarrassed sometimes huh? Tyson asked.

“Shut up and kiss me Tyson” Kai growled, drawing Tyson’s attention off the embarrassing memory.

Kai smiled “Now who’s the one blushing? He husked, leaning closer in on Tyson. Tyson shifted as he felt Kai touch him all over. Kai pushed him off.

“You’re gonna have to wait for your reward” Kai announced, pushing himself of the wall, and over towards the exit.

Tyson blinked. “Kai” He groaned, Waiting for the two tonal blader to change his mind and relieve him of his frustration “Where are you going?!!

Kai just let out a luscious little smile from the corner of his lips, and walked out of the bedroom.

Tyson sighed. I bet it was the comment about him jerking off, He always like to do one better than me, His such a jackass. Tyson glared sideways plunging into the bed.

“Hey Tyson!!!” Max and Rei shouted, bursting in through the door.

Why was it just as he started to get comfortable and cosy in his duvet, He was interrupted.

“Oh, were you asleep?!! Max asked, Blinking innocently with an ice-cream in his hand. Tyson flipped over to face them.

‘No, I wasn’t going to sleep, I was about to relieve myself, but I can’t now you guys are here’ Tyson thought.

“Hey Max, Are you aware that the ice-cream is dripping down your hand? Tyson asked, Glaring at the blonde moron, He really was quite clueless sometimes. Rei’s orbs glistened at the slight of the melting ice-cream. “Here little maxie, I’ll clean that up for you” Rei hissed, Licking upside Max’s hand, cleaning him of all creamy substances.

Tyson blushed “Seriously Rei, Did you have to do that In front of me” Rei just giggled, and Max stood there, still clueless “Do what? He asked, As if that mere sexual act Rei had just executed hadn’t even phased him at all.

Tyson sat up, what was the point in getting comfortable. “Anyway, What do you guy’s want?

Max and Rei both looked at one and other, then back at Tyson, Sighing slightly before answering his question.

“We worried” Max started.

“About Kai” Rei finished.

Tyson blinked “Worried about Kai” He paused slightly “Why?

The both suddenly expressed very seriously distracted looks on there faces.

“WHAT IS IT?!! Tyson pleaded, Desperate to know what they were worried about.

“Well ya see” Max handed Tyson a note pad, full of poetry.

He flicked it open and gazed at the word’s inside. “I feel ugly, Why won’t that person notice me, I try and get there attention, I do everything, But they never notice me”

Tyson looked up at Rei and Max. “Are you saying Kai wrote this….?

Tyson felt his heart slowly break “I thought Kai was over this. He soon asked Max and Rei to leave. I wanted to be alone with the notepad.

There were endless pages of constant lyrical poems and worries, Was he not enough.

“I really thought that I had helped Kai over this, I thought he had moved away from all this” Tyson winced, His throat felt humid and dry, when he imagined the person he cared about hurting this much, It made his feel sick, and he hated it.

Tyson got up and ran around looking for his jeans, He couldn’t fine them anywhere, he just grabbed a random leather pair he used to use for training, and quickly pulled them on. He smiled slightly.

“Wow, I’m surprised these baby’s still fit” He giggled, Rubbing the few tears from his eyes. “I will get to the bottom of this, Kai .

He decided to have it out with Kai, Things always did work better when you were blunt with someone, Though, Kai could be chillingly scary when he was pissed off.
Kai souchily looked over at the door and pulled his hand from his pant’s, Yes he could have had his horny way with Tyson ealier, But he found it so much more appealing to lust after what he wanted for a while, Before actually getting it. So he stopped himself.

“Coming” He shouted out, Shuffling his hand through his hair, and straightening his tank top up a little. He opened the door and lent against the frame

“Yeah” He grumbled, Noticing it was Tyson.

“Kai, We need to talk” Tyson announced, Pushing his way past Kai into his apartment. Kai blinked “So why don’t you go and let yourself in then Tyson? Kai said sarcastically closing the door behind him.

Tyson was already sitting on the sofa. Kai yawned “What do you want? Kai finished his own question with another “Is this because I left you hanging” He asked.

Tyson glared, He looked rather serious all of a sudden “None of the matters now” He shouted. Kai’s eye’s widened “What got your knickers in a twist, chill out. Kai commanded.

Tyson hung his head low, as Kai carried on like normal, proceeding to his mini bar he asked Tyson if he wanted a drink.

Tyson bit down on his lip “You got something you wanna tell me Kai?! Tyson asked in an almost sarcastic tone.

Kai re-joined him, placing his glass of vodka on the table “Ermm, No” He replied confused as he sipped his drink.

Tyson asked again, giving Kai the chance to explain himself, After all, that was only fair. Kai still seemed unbeknown to what the heck Tyson was asking of him.

“Kai, Do you write poetry? Tyson asked, Convinced that that question would get some respone or at least signal to him to he had found his notebook.

“I write a few bit’s here and there, But doesn’t everybody? He rose one of his slate coloured brow’s.

Kai didn’t flinch, and his expression barley changed at all, Could he really not be aware of Tyson finding his notebook, No, Kai was far too intelligent to even miss that?! Something didn’t add up.

“Tyson, what is it you want, Did you just come by to see me, I have no problem with you wanting to spend time here with me, You could just say, It’s nice having you get off your lazy butt to come to me for once.

“Okay, I’m just gonna come out and say it” Tyson shouted, acting randomly once more as he shot up to his feet.
“Say what? Kai asked, Now very bewildered.

“This?! Tyson glared, His eye’s firm and shinning. Kai took a hold of the notebook, eye’s widened as he read through.

“Why do you still feel like this, I thought we had cleared this up, Is it me, Is this my fault, Did I do something to upset you?!! Tyson forcefully asked as he took a hold of Kai’s shoulders and shook him a little “Tell me why?

Kai got serious too all of a sudden “I’ve never scene this notepad in my life” Kai informed.

“Don’t.. LIE TO ME” Tyson shouted continuously shaking him.

Kai pushed Tyson’s hands of roughly “I’m NOT lying Tyson, though I must admit, I’m a little disappointed that you haven’t got any faith in how strong I’ve become, and besides…I’m certainly not ugly.

Tyson sighed “But you’ve been feeling distracted right?!!!

“Tyson, I just had the entire of biovolt almost closed down on me, Yes I’ve been distracted, trying to save my financial life…

Tyson stared “You have been having problems with boivolt?!! Why didn’t you tell me?!! Tyson moaned.

“Because It’s not your problem, I’ve been a little stressed lately is all, and I didn’t think it be important enough to get you all stressed about it too, so I didn’t tell you, is that such a crime, besides, even if I was feeling like crap about it, I wouldn’t result to writing poetry saying I felt crap about it. When I write poetry, I write about more sentimental things, Not how crap my life is, Ect; Besides, This handwriting is way to neat for me…

Tyson sighed in relief “Yeah, I guess I should have known really, but then who does this belong to, if it’s not max’s or Rei’s, …?! He paused as he realized who’s notebook it was, He had in fact scene Kenny lugging that thing around.


“Kai, I’ll be back later” Tyson said, Quickly leaning down and kissing Kai’s forehead, as he pulled away, Kai gripped his arm, Pulling him back into a kiss, There lips touched and there tongues tangled with one and others ,Tyson was fighting to pull away, But Kai wasn’t having any of it.

As Kai finally released him, he glared sharply, with those sexy dark eyes “Don’t be too long Kinomiya” He husked. Seeing Tyson blush a little as he responded to Kai with a shut-up, and slam to his door. Kai lent back. He knew Tyson got all worked up when he used his Japanese name.

On a more serious chord, Kai was actually quite concerned, Kenny always seemed so emotionless when it came to dealing with real life. But if he was battling with his feelings, then there would have been good reason. Kai laughed a little, He probably just lost to spider solitaire on his laptop. Kai knew that thought was uncalled for, But he couldn’t help himself. Really, Tyson had got it wrong when he assumed Kai could go back to the way he was before, That ego of his had grown way to large to just disappear into thin air. Tyson obviously had a lot to learn still.

Tyson ran back to his place, to his surprise Kenny was there waiting for him. “Kenny” Tyson asked, still feeling very concerned.

“Oh Hey Tyson, Max and Rei said you have my notebook? Kenny asked. Tyson blinked.

Okay, why was he being so open about it?!! Tyson wondered, Surely he should have realized Tyson would see inside the notebook, Kenny knew how nosey he was. Kenny wasn’t the kind of person to talk about this openly either. Something smelt fishy.

Suddenly Rei and Max appeared.

“Okay Now I’m confused? Tyson informed. “What’s going on”

“I’d say that was a victory, wouldn’t you guys? Rei laughed.

“Explain? Tyson grumbled.

“This notebook was a fake!!! Max smiled. “I never wrote any of this Ty, it was just something we all created to get you up of your butt, and make you go over to Kai’s for once, since he was always coming to you, not to mention the void that was building between you two” Kenny grinned, as if feeling victorious against the beyblade world champ on something like this gave him a little kick, If they couldn’t beat him at beybladeing, they would find another way of making him look like an idiot, Getting him all worried. They all giggled.

“Did Kai know about this? Tyson asked, a little humiliated and cross that his friends had played such a dirty trick on him, so much so, that it even messed with his feelings a little.

“Kai only knew that we planned it to get you off your butt, not to fix the void between you, but all is fair in love and war” Max grinned, he too, feeling slightly victorious that they hadn‘t just deceived Tyson, But Kai as well by not telling him the other reason.

“I’ll see you guys later, I have something to take care of” Tyson huffed, Stomping out of his front garden and over to the block of flats round the corner “Once I get a hold of Kai, I will strangle him, Even he took part in this charade, If they thought I was being lazy, why didn’t they just tell me, Instead of plotting and scheming…They must have been bored” He finished, Reaching Kai’s apartment, He was so happy Kai was on the 2nd floor, and not the 30th. Yeah, He was lazy alright. Even when there were the option of lifts he was still lazy.

Kai smiled as he opened the door “You found out then? He gleamed Seeing Tyson fill up with fury. “Kai you jerk, I didn’t think you would sink that low! Kai laughed.

“Well I had to agree, You can be extremely lazy” Kai reminded him in his defence. “Besides, after that comment about you seeing me jerking off, I had no choice but to mess with your feelings a bit” He glared with a smile.

“You basted” Tyson groaned walking closer “Well I’m still one ahead” Kai blinked “Yeah, how so? Tyson grinned “Cause what they didn’t tell you was that the other reason the played that dumb trick was to make things between us better, what with you being all distant” He smiled.

“Ah but Tyson, I think you’ve forgotten, Your still hanging from earlier, and the only way I can ease your frustration, is if you admit defeat.

Tyson climbed over Kai and nipped at his ear, whispering quietly “ Oh yeah, Well see about that” Tyson continued, Licking violently at Kai’s neck. Kai grasped Tyson’s hips as the both if them became rather lustful with each other.

Neither of them would come out a loser that night, they had each other and they had grown up a lot despite these child’s play games. All they needed was one and other, and there friends. Nothing or no one could touch them. Even with confessions, They were both winners. And they were both more than good enough, with themselves and each other.

“Kai, That’s huge!
“Shut up and eat it!

The End.
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ROFL what a cute little add-on! :3
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Fanfiction (18) Good Enough COMPLETE
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