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 Air Freedom [Fanfiction - Racoona - PG-13]

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Air Freedom [Fanfiction - Racoona - PG-13] Empty
PostSubject: Air Freedom [Fanfiction - Racoona - PG-13]   Air Freedom [Fanfiction - Racoona - PG-13] EmptyTue May 25, 2010 6:14 pm

I have decided to re-upload all my finished TyKa fanfiction here, even if it is on fanfiction.net just for kicks, because I want this forum to grow and flourish ^^ Of course all my fanfiction can also be found at my webpage http://www.fanfiction.net/u/828443/Racoona

Disclaimer: I do not own Beyblade, I never claimed so, I do not make any money from theese works, I never claimed so, I do however covet Tyson, Kai, and the other characters in Beyblade, but the characters and the Beyblade concept are not within my reach, I never claimed so.


Air Freedom

For some reason, for some stupid fucked up reason, life goes on. When you leave a place, life goes on, that place may remember you, so may the people, but life moves the fuck on. It waits not for hesitators, for people who can't say what need to be said, do what needs to be done, it doesn't even wait for either royalty or for gods, and all Kai "Ice Prince" Hiwatari had wanted to say was sorry.

"What's wrong with him?" A tall dark and handsome man stood in a doctors office questioning the doctor to whom said office belonged. The man started pacing impatiently while the doctor, Dr. Young, a psychologist, just sighed before answering."Mister Hiwatari, please sit down and I'll explain everything to the best of my ability." Hiwatari sat down across the desk. Dr. Young wasn't all pleased about telling this man, who had suddenly popped out of nowhere, about his most severe case. But his boss had said that Hiwatari had the right to know everything… by the looks of the expensive suit, he had probably paid himself privy to the information he was about to give him."Case 4567 is-""Call him Tyson." Mr. Hiwatari interrupted in a calm voice, his crimson eyes flashing."Ok… Ty-Tyson is one of our stranger cases. He can function normally, carry on conversations and do pretty much everything, but the minute you mention things from his old life, beyblading, his friends, you… he goes blank, retreats into himself." Dr. Young spoke almost as if awestruck, "Even when it comes to Dragoon, which is now back at his family dojo, it is full stop." Sadness had crept into the doctor's voice; he was clearly a beyblade fan. "He even got violent at some point, lashed out, gave his charge, I think that would be his grandfather, one hell of a bruise, broke his jaw too."

Kai could remember the first time he had laid eyes on Tyson, a whirlwind of primary colors in a not-so-refined blend. Enough spirit to pass around the world. He was hyper, he was fast, he was happy… he was Tyson. When the Russian thought back, Tyson was the logical choice for a name, it was a strong name for a fierce spirit. Unafraid, new to the game, and completely confident, Tyson had stepped up to him, fought him, and for the first time, someone tied with the great Kai Hiwatari. It floored everyone. He was benevolent, not malevolent; he wasn't meant to cause bruises.

"We have tried everything. Everything from showing him film clips, putting a dissembled beyblade in front of him, even play station games. He goes blank, and he's always more depressed than usual the following days after any of those treatment attempts." Dr. Young looked saddened; he was a great fan of Tyson. "Diverting from the subject proves uninteresting for the patient, it's almost like he just lost his spark, his will to live…" Young's 'tale', was getting to be too much for Hiwatari it seemed, the young man interrupted: "What happens when you aren't treating him?" Hiwatari asked with an attempt to maintain that same calm and collected voice from earlier, but failing miserably. Doctor Young opened a drawer in his desk and pulled out a folder. The folder slapped down onto the hard surface of the desktop, and Kai recognized the same sound.

It was the same sound that the Team Folder, the one Mr. Dickinson had created, made when the CEO had slapped it down on his desk in front of the Bladebreakers when he had assembled them."Here, it's all of our records on subject 456-""I said, call him Tyson!" Kai cut him of with an icy voice before accepting the folder. "Now, tell me the basics, Dr. Young." The young man commanded as if he had done such things since the day he was born."Well, we have all decided that it's best for him to stay here. Both Doctor Smith and I believe that he's too unstable to be left alone out in the world. Smith and I are his daily caretakers. Subj- eh… Tyson lives in a room here in this facility, and we have full views of his activities through a one-way mirror placed on the east wall." Doctor Young finished his short summary, unaware of the chilly look Mr. Hiwatari was shooting him across the desk. "So you mean to tell me that Tyson has been robbed of all privacy, labeled insane, claimed unfit for normal living arrangements and institutionalized?" The young man fumed. The doctor just nodded quietly, having gotten used to violent reactions from family and friends of the . Hiwatari… I'm not sure if I should tell you this… I'm not sure at all… but Doctor Smith and I have… well… oh dear… we have observed some unsettling things when it comes to Tyson when he's sleeping." Doctor Young said quietly, as if not sure if he was telling the truth or not."Spit it out!" Mr. Hiwatari growled fiercely.

"As I told you, he's constantly depressed, if anything, the brightest happiness he shows when conscious is a slight movement of the corner of his mouth, and that is big. But when he enters REM sleep he is serene, he smiles, and gods forbid, he even chuckles in his sleep. Tyson sleeps almost constantly, and whenever he's with me or Doctor Smith for a chat, a test; Tyson always asks about when he's allowed to sleep." Doctor Young said this in a saddened voice, while still being morbidly awed and wondered. He had never seen a case such as Tyson before, and he had rarely read about it. Mr. Hiwatari however would have none of this, he slammed his fists down on the desk, making each and every fancy statue placed on the usually sturdy surface clatter."Take me to him, take me to him now!" the young man demanded fiercely. His crimson eyes locked with Mr. Young's brown. He could see that the good doctor didn't want to have him here at all, but right now he couldn't care less. Hiwatari motioned for the other man to start walking so that he could get to Tyson quickly.

With one final glare in the direction of Mr. Hiwatari, Young got up and walked smoothly towards the door and motioned for the suit clad man to follow him.

Soon they were outside Tyson's room. Even the door itself screamed, "Do Not Enter!" it was huge and made of steel with heavy bolting on the outside. Tyson's case number, 4567, was at the top while his general information hung on the door since only trained doctors were allowed in this part of Air Freedom, the psyche ward. Dr Young fumbled with the keys and Kai was getting rather impatient, which was new, since a Hiwatari could always be counted on to take everything in stride.

When the door finally swung open with a loud squeak, Kai gasped. The room he was now in was a total recreation of Tyson's room back at the dojo; every detail was put in, all the way down to the dirty socks thrown about over the lampshades. Or, it was the room of Tyson, if he hadn't been a beyblade fan. It was disturbing. Especially since Kai could remember looking at the beyblade posters, trinkets and tools when he and Tyson had their evening chats when the Russian had resided for a short period in time. Kai glanced at the psychiatrist. "We do our best to make our patients feel at home, but in this case, without beyblade obviously" Said Young when he noticed the other mans puzzlement. When the doctor finished speaking they heard a groan from a lump of covers on the bed 'At least his sleeping habits haven't changed' thought Kai with a miniscule smile before turning serious."Doctor, how long has Tyson been living here?" Kai's tone of voice was chilly as a Russian November."Three years." Replied Doctor Young quickly, while he reached for the information on the open, inwards swung door

Kai didn't hesitate, he ran into the room at a brisk pace, startling the sole occupant, making Tyson turn sharply. Their eyes locked, and tension arose. Movements stopping while were breaths held, this was the famous rivals, the ones who had gone through so much, these boys, now men, stood before each other as strangers, yet closer than ever.

"Kai…" A broken whisper escaped Tyson before a blur of movement led the broken beyblader to hug his former captain soundly, clinging to his strong body as if Kai'd disappear if he ever let go."Kai…" another whisper startled Kai into movement, his hands flew into motion as one wrapped around Tyson's waist and the other tangled in his hair."Kai…""Tyson…"Neither of the noticed a shell shocked Dr. Young, as his numb fingers dropped the clipboard he was holding, it clattered loudly, but no one paid attention to it.
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Air Freedom [Fanfiction - Racoona - PG-13]
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