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 Sick [Fanfiction - Racoona - PG]

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PostSubject: Sick [Fanfiction - Racoona - PG]   Sick [Fanfiction - Racoona - PG] EmptyTue May 25, 2010 6:15 pm

I have decided to re-upload all my finished TyKa fanfiction here, even if it is on fanfiction.net just for kicks, because I want this forum to grow and flourish ^^ Of course all my fanfiction can also be found at my webpage http://www.fanfiction.net/u/828443/Racoona

Disclaimer: I do not own Beyblade, I never claimed so, I do not make any money from theese works, I never claimed so, I do however covet Tyson, Kai, and the other characters in Beyblade, but the characters and the Beyblade concept are not within my reach, I never claimed so.


Tyson Granger rushed out of the old dojo; he knew something was wrong with Kai. The Russian was late for practise, which never happened. Kai was always first on the scene. So the rest Bladebreakers had decided that Tyson should go to the manor, without his consent, since he was the one who was likely enough to survive for some strange reason. So there the bluenette was, running up the last block before the gates of the manor came into view.

The old and baled gate security guy recognized Tyson and let him through. The young blader ran up the brick covered driveway and over to the heavily adorned main entrance,

'Man those stone lions are realistic' he thought to himself before he rang the doorbell about five times, just to make sure, he was really worried this time.

After about ten seconds Kai's butler, Albert, opened the door. His face lit up when he saw Tyson, the bluenette never noticed though. He just started rambling on about the training session, the rest of the Bladebreakers that made the decision for him to come here, and at the end of the rant came the question Albert knew was coming:

"Is Kai ok?" The worry shone from the young face in the doorway, and the butler smiled at the thought that his young Master had finally someone that cared.

"I'm sorry that we didn't call Mr Granger, but we've been busy trying to keep Master Kai in bed, he's got the flu, but he refuses to stay inside. We-" Albert got interrupted by Tyson before he could finish the sentence.

"Could I see him?" The bluenette almost shouted. 'Please let Kai be ok!' this was the main thought that crossed Tysons mind, since he had, unknown to everyone, a huge crush on the ice prince.

"Sure, Mr Granger, I'll take you to his room." Albert knew Kai would be mad at him, but he also knew about the crush the Russian had on the bluenette, the mumblings in Kais sleep assured that.

Albert started to walk at a dignified pace, one fit for a respected butler, towards his Masters bedroom, while Tyson was bouncing off the walls behind him, the butler pretended not to notice. They went through heavily decorated hallways, and Tyson was sure he'd never figure his way out. After a short while they reached a double door made of wood with black hinges and handle.

'That door is so Kai' Tyson snickered to himself. He'd been following, no studying Kais every move, and by now he knew pretty much all his likes and dislikes. Like pizza before lunch was a big no-no in the Russians book for some reason, or the fact that he preferred carbonated water instead of regular soda.

Albert opened the door, and inside on a huge king size bed, Kai was sleeping like rock. The dualhaired teen didn't even stir when Tyson sat down on the edge of his bed. The butler went around to the other side of the bed and felt Kais forehead, he was burning up.

"Mr Granger, would you mind watching over Master Kai so I can get a bowl of cold water and a wash cloth? It seems his fever has gone up." The teen in question nodded his head frantically, worry was radiating from the normally cheerful teen.

Tyson crawled closer to his captain and sat down cross legged about half a meter from the sleeping form. Then he took the pale hand in his own, Albert was right, Kai was burning up.

Tyson started stroking his secret crush on the for head, without even noticing.

Kai was having this very good dream, very good dream. He was walking along side Tyson on a golden beach; they were both bathing in the soft glow of the pink-yellowish sunset. The two boys were holding hands, it seemed like they had no care in the world except for each other. His dream-self looked over to his blue-haired lover, the way the golden colours reflected in his blue eyes, made him look like a godsend creature, Kai swore he could see a faint, white glow around his koi. Tyson leaned closer to the Russian, and just seconds later their lips met in a soft, tender, loving kiss.

Suddenly the scene changed, the two teens were lying on a huge, luscious bed. The silk sheets wrapped around them as they explored each others bodies once more. Fingers touched, nails scratched, and lips kissed to soothe it all. Strangled moans and cries for more was all that could be heard…

Kai suddenly felt a hand on is forehead, it was chasing his dream away, he didn't want that. He started struggling to remain in his wonderful dream. His blue haired angel smiled sadly at him and waved before disappearing, leaving Kai to wake up…

Kai stirred and groaned in his sleep, sweat breaking out on his already too pale face. It was like the elder blader was struggling with something, and not quite succeeding.

'Must be the fever' Tyson thought to himself. Just then came Albert through the door, with a bowl of water and wash cloth in hand. The bluenette jumped up from the bed and rushed over to the now startled butler and grabbed the bowl and cloth so he could start trying to lower his beloveds fever. Albert had also brought some pills, but Kai couldn't swallow those since he wasn't awake. The butler helped Tyson remove Kais sweaty shirt before going into his Masters closet to pick out a new one, leaving Tyson to rub the cold water on the overheated alabaster skin.

Kai was all groggy; he was still intent on staying in his dream… that was until he felt a wet washcloth rubbing his chest, and a very familiar voice speaking to him. The Russian slowly opened his eyes, just to glance into sapphire blue eyes filled with worry. It was Tyson. A small smile graced his lips, this was still a part of the dream, Tyson would never care enough to be here in reality.

"God, Kai! I'm so glad you're awake!" The bluenette almost shouted before leaning down and embracing his team captain and secret crush in a one armed hug. Kai was still a bit groggy so he didn't resist. When Tyson pulled away, Kai looked questioning at him.

"Tyson?" the dualhaired blader groaned, "Why are you here?" Now the Russian was not all that sure about this being a dream.

"You were late for practise, so I came to check upon you" Tyson stated with a grin. "The other ones said that I should go since I was the one to most likely survive disturbing your peace… not that I would have minded anyway…" After that last statement the world champ looked away with a blush.

"Why did you stay?" Kai asked, it came out almost like a soft whisper. "You could have gone home by now, and probably had fun." Kai was slightly aware of the teeny tiny bit bitterness that laced his voice at that last statement. He really didn't care, he was just glad that Tyson was here, Kai just hoped that the bluenette stayed by his own free will.

"Kai…" It came out more like a sigh, "Even if you refuse to believe me, I do care for you, very much in fact" 'More than anything' he added in his mind. The world champ beamed down at his team captain, and took his hands in his own. "We all care, Kai, you are just too stubborn to realize it." And with that said, the bluenette hugged his captain again, who awkwardly hugged back, not like he had a choice. And secretly Kai didn't mind either.

The younger blader sat back up again and stared into the crimson orbs of his beautiful and handsome team captain. The Russian gazed right back into sapphire blue, both saw what they had been longing for swimming in each others eyes: love.

And without any thoughts about the consequences, Tyson leaned down and captured the usually stoic captains lips in a soft and tender kiss. Kai thought he'd died and gone to heaven, even the smallest kiss from his beloved blue angel was enough to rock Kai's world. And before they both knew it, they were making out like crazy, lips meeting, tongues battling, and teeth clashing. They were so tangled up in each other that they forgot completely where they were, that was until Albert came back in, after picking out, washing and ironing Kai's nightshirt.

The butler cleared his voice and looked at the two teens that sprung apart with mirth shining in his eyes, but like any other good butler, he kept a straight face. He folded the shirt and put it on the edge of the bed before making a beeline for the door, at a butler-worthy pace of course.

Tyson and Kai looked at each other and blushed, realizing that not had they only been snogging the life out of each other, but they had been caught in the act also. Moments later the young Russian started coughing, which reminded him of something.

"Tyson, now you are going to be sick also…" Without a reply, Tyson got out of bed, to Kai's great confusion and shed his red and yellow jacket and blue shorts, before crawling back into bed in only his boxers and t-shirt.

"Then budge over, if I'm going to be sick, we can be sick together" The world champ said with an impish grin before crawling under the covers and wrapping his arms around his new boyfriend. And to his surprise Kai snuggled closer, and the last thing he heard before he drifted off into la-la-land was a mumbling statement from his already drowsy boyfriend that made Tyson smile:

"You're weird…"
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Sick [Fanfiction - Racoona - PG]
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