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 Torture [Fanfiction - Racoona - PG]

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PostSubject: Torture [Fanfiction - Racoona - PG]   Torture [Fanfiction - Racoona - PG] EmptyTue May 25, 2010 6:17 pm

I have decided to re-upload all my finished TyKa fanfiction here, even if it is on fanfiction.net just for kicks, because I want this forum to grow and flourish ^^ Of course all my fanfiction can also be found at my webpage http://www.fanfiction.net/u/828443/Racoona

Disclaimer: I do not own Beyblade, I never claimed so, I do not make any money from theese works, I never claimed so, I do however covet Tyson, Kai, and the other characters in Beyblade, but the characters and the Beyblade concept are not within my reach, I never claimed so.


A lone teen sat on the front porch of the Kinomya dojo, his dual-coloured hair swaying gently with the summer breeze. He was thinking, not about anything in particular, just thinking. The whole atmosphere was relaxed, as summer afternoons usually tend to be when left alone. Kai shifted and stretched out his legs before him, then turned his gaze towards the sky and the birds flying up there. Suddenly the soft familiar sound of footsteps was heard from behind, Kai didn't move.

"Kai?" The question was so softly spoken, that it was hardly more than a mere whisper. He knew that voice… it was Tyson.

Without any warning, the midnight haired teen plopped down rather un-gracefully beside his team captain. Tyson crossed his legs and stared up at the same, now vacant, sky as the young Russian, his blue eyes drifting every so often over to scan quickly over Kai's stoic face, checking for emotion.

"Kai…" The Japanese teen started again, not quite sure how to ask… he'd been wondering for a long time. He knew that Kai had a big issue when it came to talking about it, but Tyson also knew that holding it inside could become too much.

"… how was the abbey?" his team captain's head jerked around so fast that Tyson could swear he heard the joints crack, everything was silent, even the birds stopped singing. The midnight haired teen waited for the explosion, or at least the cold shoulder… but it never came. Instead a long sigh was heard from the other teen as his shoulder slumped.

"I should have expected this…" he said out loud to no one in particular, "I always suspected that you wanted to know…" the Russian continued before gazing back up at the sky, clearly going through the inner turmoil of reopening the life at the abbey. He wasn't sure if he could handle the memories one more time, he was dead set on forgetting. He wanted to share this with Tyson though, the other teen deserved it somehow, and Kai felt like Tyson was the only thing he could hold on to sometimes. The midnight haired teen was like a sturdy rock, Kai's very own safe spot.

No one understood the deep bond that had developed between the once cold Russian and the usually cheerful Japanese. That's right; Tyson also wore a mask, a mask of happiness. And the only ones to see him without it was Kai or Gramps, no one else…ever.

"I know that it's a hard subject, I see it in your eyes…" Tyson leaned over and put a supportive hand on Kai's shoulder and sent him one of his genuine and rare smiles, the ones especially reserved for 'his' Russian. "You need to get it out, Kai; I can see it haunting you, even if you refuse to acknowledge it." Tyson was right, the nightmares came and went, but whenever they appeared, they caused pain.

A long pause went between the teens; the tension could be cut with a butter knife. Then, completely unexpected, Kai turned around and faced Tyson, his crimson eyes filled with previously unseen emotion, all of it directed towards the beautiful teen in front of him. Love, apprehension, confusion, fear… many more passed and soon Kai grabbed one of Tyson's hands and held it in his lap; it was comforting in a way.

"Torture…" That one word evoked so many worries within the Japanese, it was overwhelming. Blue eyes locked with crimson, both seeking and giving comfort, hoping that the images his mind conjured was all his own.

"Kai…" The tone Tyson used was enough to tell Kai to explain quickly, you don't just say things like that without explanation.

"The abbey… it was torture." Pale hands gripped tanned just a little harder and eyes looked down, afraid of how much he'd already revealed. What the Russian didn't expect however, was for one of those calloused hands to pry themselves from his vice like grip and lift his chin so that their gaze could meet once more. Fear met love and security, leaving no room for doubt, the midnight haired teen loved Kai more than life itself. The young Russian smiled shakily at his angel before continuing…

"…It was no place for a child, for anyone… we were starved for human contact, trained like…" his voice faltered and a lone tear made its way down a pale cheek, leaving a wet trail. "Like soldiers… weapons."

At this admission, Tyson suddenly pride both his hands away from Kai's before slowly getting up on his knees and crawled back behind the Russian and pulled the now shaking teen back against his firm chest, holding his love close. Kai froze for a second before relaxing back into the warm embrace his lover provided, it made things so much easier. Tyson started to run his fingers through his koi's silken hair is said teen continued…

"I… I remember watching children and their parents… whenever we went to Moscow for social training…" The dual haired teen paused, more tears running down his cheek, dragging the blue face paint with them, making a slight mess. "They were so happy… the children… they had love…" the images of laughing children flashed before his eyes, and the memory of the cold feeling it gave him inside, came back full force. He snuggled back into Tyson even more desperately that before.

Tyson noticed the slight shake in his beloved's voice. And looked down to find a tear streaked face and sorrowful crimson eyes, staring off into the distance. He pulled the Russian's chin gently upwards and leaned down and brushed his lips against Kai's, making his koi smile, despite the horrors he had just relived.

"You don't need to say no more, love…" Tyson's eyes shone with love for his team captain, his Russian. Lips gently brushed against each other once again, and Tyson slowly whipped away the tears, most of the facial paint going off with them. Kai looked so vulnerable without his blue triangles, like a pure angel from heaven. "I will always love you, Kai…"

"I will always love you too, Tyson…"

And there they sat, Kai wrapped up in his blue angel's arms, letting the feeling of love was over him, returning it in full to the love of his life, the only one. The sunset was now creeping upon them, bathing them in a golden glow, the perfect end for a peaceful summer afternoon…

One afternoon where feelings came to show
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Torture [Fanfiction - Racoona - PG]
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