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 Valentine FIC Just a Gift

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PostSubject: Valentine FIC Just a Gift   Valentine FIC Just a Gift EmptyFri Feb 11, 2011 10:44 am

A.N: Very short fic written in 30 min I could spare.

Roses of red were carefully wrapped into tissue paper and a clear plastic sheet. A ribbon tightened around the stems and made little loops as the blade of the scissors brushed over it. The florist left the little card to be written upon, but Kai Hiwatari did not know what to write.
What is it about flowers that make someone so happy to receive them? I don’t think much of them. They are beautiful I suppose.
A baseball capped teen in his red jacket and faded jeans popped up in his mind like he always would. He imagined his smiling face offering flowers to him. The idea was quite charming.
Alright, I’d love it. I’d probably make a fool of myself too. It’s never happened to me before and I’m not sure how I’d react.
He just couldn’t picture his own actions and continued to stare at the card as the florist gave him his change. He took the black card with him, but honestly, couldn’t put what he felt into words. Everything he thought of was so cliché. How ironic that he’d bought flowers. He hadn’t wanted to give him jewels since he wasn’t going to wear it and it was over the top, but then when he thought of chocolates, he found that Tyson might not understand it the way he meant it.
He’d have eaten the box without a second thought. Max probably already sent him some as a friendly gift too.
Kai crumpled the card in his hand and tossed it in the bin, starting to get rather nervous about his decision.
It’s too late to return these. I have no choice.
He walked down Bay city, trying very hard to look casual with a large bouquet under his arm. He was heading for the dojo and that’s where he was focused on going. He made it out of the busy area of town and had to loosen his scarf as he entered the neighborhood. No, it wasn’t warm at all. It was a chilly evening, but many scenarios just kept assaulting his nerves. He swallowed, his throat getting dry, but he let his legs guide him.
He was all too soon at the front gate and once again, he was unable to do it. He stared at the door and put the flowers down on the step. He was angry with himself, but nothing could get him past the fear of Tyson throwing the thorny plants in his face.
He turned heel and escaped the area, practically running back to his apartment only to sulk in the shower. After three years of this, it was more of a habit.
Tyson only wished Kai would knock and see for himself that what he wants so much was always there.
A.N: Maybe someday Tyson will get through to him.
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Valentine FIC Just a Gift
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