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 Sweetylulu's fanfiction

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PostSubject: Sweetylulu's fanfiction   Sweetylulu's fanfiction EmptySat Aug 01, 2009 10:25 pm

okay, here is my FF.net link,
i write three TYKA so far and i'm on my way to write another.
but here's my story...
A Girl's Life Sweetylulu's fanfiction Icon_queen

Summary: The G-rev team went America for a charity tournament. They stayed at Judi’s 5-star lab. They met a family. Kai always has sad eyes when he sees the family. Why? Do they know each other? What will happen in the tournament?

Warning: slightly rape, lemon or lime, character death etc.

Disclaimer: I do not own beyblade. Takao aoki own beyblade. The songs own britney.

Pairing: TysonxKai later.

Rating: MA,NC-17,PG-13 etc.


NB: don't mind my grammar.


Summary: Tyson, Ray and Max…all love Kai with their lives but a new woman is getting in their way. Who is she and how is she relating to Kai? In addition, who will get Kai at the end? Will the three of them remain friends or will there became foes. FLUFF, CUTENESS Sweetylulu's fanfiction Icon_wink

Warning: an unexpected surprise in the middle of the story and some uses of abusive words is here. Many fluff between Tyson, Ray, Max and Kai. KAI IS NOT A HUMAN HERE=D.

Rating: T

Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN BEYBLADE*cries*.

Pairings: TYKA, RAYxKAI, MAXxKAI etc.

A/N: Hello again, yaps another new story from me. Okay guys I’m depress. Did I have any readers at all… Sweetylulu's fanfiction Icon_cry ?

NB: Sorry for the every grammatical mistakes in this story. ^^;


Pain is my real name
Summary: She receives nothing but pain in her life. Will she ever get happy?
Disclaimer: I do not own beyblade you idiot.
Rating: MA
Pairings: TYKA RayKai HiroKai TalaKai (maybe BryanKai) MiguelKai GarlandKai BrooklynKai RickKai OCKai that is it I guess^^;. (I am sure you were fainted)
Warning: RAPES BE AWARE, limes, torture, abusive language, child abuse, teen pregnancy and ALL the bad things on earth^^;.
A/N: Hey there! How are you peopling doing? I am not doing fine because I have my first BIG exam on this February. Anyway, this story is going to be so loooooong. (Maybe over 100 chapters) I am writing Kai’s life in my way got it. In addition, yes, it is a femKai story and no, I am not going to use the lame tomboy reason this time. I am going to use far more horrible reason*evil grin*. As you know I have my exam so I am not going to update my stories until ’10 march, sorry^^;.


(PLEASE REVIEW AT THE GIVEN LINK NOT HERE Sweetylulu's fanfiction Icon_redface Sweetylulu's fanfiction Kopfschuettel )
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Sweetylulu's fanfiction
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